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1. Specific Distribution of GJB2 Mutations in Kurdistan Province of Iran; Report of a Relatively Isolated Population

T. Bahrami; N. Jalilian; G. Karbasi; M. R. Noori- Daloii

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 5-11

  Hearing Loss (HL) represents high genetic heterogeneity with an incidence of almost 1 out of 500 newborns in most populations. Approximately half of the cases have a genetic basis that most of them are autosomal recessive non-syndromic (ARNSHL) with DFNB1-related defect in many worldwide populations. ...  Read More

2. Synthesis and Docking Study on Thiadiazolo[3,2-a][1,3]diazepin-8(5H)-one Derivatives as Selective GABAA agonists

M. J. Taghizadeh; A. Javidan; A. Salmani

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 13-19

  HIE-124 is the new member of ultra-short acting hypnotics drug family. In this research, thiadiazole can act as the bio-isosteric replacement of thiazole in synthesized compounds as HIE-124 derivatives. HIE-124 drug, in which the heterocyclic thiazole ring replaced to thiadiazole, will be presented. ...  Read More

3. Petrology and Geochemistry of Early Cambrian Volcanic Rocks Hosting the Kiruna-type Iron Ore in Anomaly 10 of Sechahun, Central Iran

A. Eslamizadeh

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 21-35

  Early Cambrian volcanic rocks of the Posht-e Badam tectonic block in Central Iran which is hydrothermally altered to green color rocks, hosts the Kiruna-type Iron Oxide-Apatite (IOA) mineralization in Anomaly 10 of Sechahun deposit. Geochemically, these volcanic rocks are classified as high-potassium ...  Read More

4. Biostratigraphy of Acritarchs and Chitinozoans in Ordovician Strata from the Fazel Abad Area, Southeastern Caspian Sea, Alborz Mountains, Northern Iran: Stratigraphic Implications

M. Ghavidel-syooki

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 37-57

  Sixty-four surface samples from the Lower Palaeozoic rock units (mainly Lalun,Abastu and Abarsaj formations) near Kholin-Darreh village in the Fazel Abad area,southeastern the Caspian Sea, Northern Iran, were analyzed to determine their agerelationships. The samples of Lalun Formation were barren, but ...  Read More

5. Nilpotent Elements in Skew Polynomial Rings

M. Azimi; A. Moussavi

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 59-74

   Letbe a ring with an endomorphism and an -derivationAntoine studied the structure of the set of nilpotent elements in Armendariz rings and introduced nil-Armendariz rings. In this paper we introduce and investigate the notion of nil--compatible rings. The class of nil--compatible rings are extended ...  Read More

6. Derivations of the Algebra of Sections of Superalgebra Bundles

N. Elyasi

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 75-78

  In this paper we review the concepts of the superalgebra, superderivation and some properties of them. We will define algebraic and differential superderivations on a superalgebra and will prove some theorems about them, Then we consider a superalgebra bundle, that is an algebra bundle which its fibers ...  Read More

7. Studying the Photocatalytic Degradation of Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate Using Nano Nd-Doped TiO2

H. Ghasemi Mobtaker; A. Malekinejad; T. Yousefi; H. Aghayan

Volume 28, Issue 1 , Winter 2017, Pages 79-85

  Photocatalytic method was used as an efficient and simple way for degradation of tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP). In contrast to other methods, in this method the mineralization occurs and no twin pollution is generated. Nd doped TiO2 was synthesized via sol gel process and characterized by XRD and TEM tecniuqes. ...  Read More