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1. The Study of Biological Technologies for the Removal of Sulfur Compounds

F. Nazari; ME. Kefayati; J. Raheb

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 205-219

      Combustion of sulfur components of fossil fuels such as oil causes the emission of SO2 in the atmosphere and lead to the formation of acidic rain in the environment. The conventional approach for desulfurization of fossil fuels is the chemical procedure of hydrodesulfurization (HDS). ...  Read More

2. Synthesis of Oxazolone and Imidazolone Derivatives in Presence of H2O2 Promoted Fly Ash as a Novel and Efficient Catalyst

S. Fozooni; H. Khoshdast; H. Hassani; H. Hamidian

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 221-230

  A new catalyst was prepared by promoting fly ash with hydrogen peroxide. The catalytic activity of H2O2 promoted fly ash (HPFA) was evaluated by synthesis 5(4H)-oxazolone and imidazolone derivatives under solvent free conditions. The possible mechanisms of synthesis reactions were also suggested. These ...  Read More

3. Estimating the Mechanical Properties of Travertine Building Stones Due to Salt Crystallization Using Multivariate Regression Analysis

A. Jamshidi; M.R. Nikudel; M. Khamehchiyan; A. Zalooli; H. Yeganehfar

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 231-241

       Salt crystallization is one of the most powerful weathering agents that may cause a rapid change in the mechanical properties of stones, and thus limit their durability. Consequently, determining the mechanical properties of stones due to salt crystallization is important for natural ...  Read More

4. Characterizing Tourmaline in Metapelitic Schists from The Gasht Area, North Iran and Boron Source in Metamorphic Fluids

M. Moazzen; R. Michaeli; M. Ahangari; U. Altenberger

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 243-253

  Metapelitic rocks in the Gasht area include micaschist, kyanite schist, andalusite schist, garnet schist, staurolite schist, cordierite schist and sillimanite schist. Tourmaline occurs as accessory mineral in all of these rock types. These schists are metamorphosed regionally and are affected by contact ...  Read More

5. Urgonian Type Microfossils of the Dariyan Formation, from Southwest of Iran (Northeast of Shiraz)

M. Yavari; M. Yazdi; H. Ghalavand; M. H. Adabi

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 255-265

  The Lower Cretaceous Carbonate deposits of the Dariyan Formation of the HighZagros Belt are mainly composed of thick to medium bedded limestone. These depositscontain abundant and diversified benthic foraminifera which have been recovered fromcarbonate rocks. A rich assemblage of microfossils with characteristic: ...  Read More

6. Detecting Outliers in Exponentiated Pareto Distribution

M. Jabbari Nooghabi

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 267-272

  In this paper, we use two statistics for detecting outliers in exponentiated Paretodistribution. These statistics are the extension of the statistics for detecting outliers inexponential and gamma distributions. In fact, we compare the power of our test statisticsbased on the simulation study and identify ...  Read More

7. Hypercube Bivariate-Based Key Management for Wireless Sensor Networks

I. Qasemzadeh Kolagar; H. Haj Seyyed Javadi; M. Anzani

Volume 28, Issue 3 , Summer 2017, Pages 273-285

  Wireless sensor networks are composed of very small devices, called sensor nodes,for numerous applications in the environment. In adversarial environments, the securitybecomes a crucial issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). There are various securityservices in WSNs such as key management, authentication, ...  Read More