Lithological characteristics of the Asmari Formation in the Burujen area are:
pelagic foraminifera wackestone-packstone; bentic foraminifera echinid packstone;
bentic foraminifera corallinaceapackstone; coral boundstone and echinid corallinacea
packstone to grainstone; corallinacea boundstone; corallinacea bryozoa packstone;
rniliolid echinid wackestone; and bioclastic wackestone. The examined outcrops at
the Buldaji, Chaghakhor, and Tang-e Kloreh locations are Upper Oligocene, Lower
Miocene (Aquitanian) and Lower Miocene (Burdigalian) in age, respectively. Age
was determined by the occurrence of Lepidocyclina (Eu1epidina)-Lepidocyclina (Nephro1epidina)-Nummulites,M iogypsina-Lepidocyclina and Neoalveolina melo Group assemblage zones. Consequently, the outcrops at the Buldaji, Chaghakhor and Tang-e Kloreh locations are synonymous to lower, middle and upper Asmari Formation.