In the presence of magnesium and hexamethylphosphorictriamide,
HMPT, trimethylchlorosilane, TMS-C1, reacts with cyanoepoxides to give
related compounds. Ring cleavage at ? - position of cyanoepoxide, 1,
followed by the addition of two trimethylsilyl groups leads to 2 then
substitution of OSiMei by trimethylsilyl or H takes place to give ?, ? -
bis (trimethylsilyl) nitrile or ? - trimethylsilylnitrile, respectively. Silylation
reaction of cyanoepoxide 4 gives compounds 5 and 6, but silylation
of 9 gives only ? - monosilylated derivative 10. Silylation of a, ?-
diphenylcyanoepoxide, 11, leads to polysilylated products, by participation
of both nitrile and epoxide functions