Penicilliurn expamum grown in a medium with rice husk as a carbon source
produced an extracellular protease. The protease enzyme was isolated from culture
broth by fractionation with acetone and column chromatography on Sephadex G- 100
and DEAE A-50. The protease enzyme was purified about 17.47 fold, with a recovery
of 14%. The purified protease was homogenous on SDS polyacrylarnide disc gel
electrophoresis and molecular weight was calculated to be 28000. The optimum
activity of protease was found at pH 7.5 and temperature 30°C. The enzyme activity
was enhanced on addition of Ca , Zn , Co and Mn whereas inhibition was
observed in the presence of EDTA, Hg and Ag . Addition of cysteine and 2-
mercaptoethanol did not produce any significant effect on protease activity