1- (Phthalazin-l'-yl-amino)-3-chloro-4-aryl-4H-(4o-rm ethyl)-2-azetidinones (3)
were prepared by cycloaddition of-methyl substituted benzal hydrazinophthalazine
(2) with chloro acetylchloride. The hydrazone (2) was synthesised by the
condensation of 1- hydrazinophthalazine (1) with substituted aromatic aldehydes,
ketones 7 acetophenones. 1- Hydrazinophthalazine was prepared from the
phthalaldehydic acid. All the compounds thus synthesised (2 and 3) were tested
against different species of bacterial and fungi. Their structures have been
ktermined by NMR and Mass spectroscopy