Document Type : Original Paper


1 Ardabil Branch, Islamic Azad University

2 Ardabil University of Medical Sciences


Formation of non bonded organic layer around inorganic particles like iron sulfide and zeolites, was hypothesized as starting point for one of the possible mechanisms of the origin of life on earth. In this study, the general circumstances needed for creation of such organic layer was investigated. An aliphatic hydrocarbon (hexane), an aromatic hydrocarbon (toluene), an alcohol (n-octanol) and an amino acid (phenylalanine) were used for simulation of the primordial soup. FeS, montmorillonite and clinoptilolite were used as insoluble inorganic particles. Non-bonded organic layer can be formed in both fresh and saline waters. Formation of organic layer is a pH sensitive process and the best pH for formation of this layer is around 6 (similar to the pH of primordial oceans of the earth). Low concentration of water in organic layer causes the less degradation rate of the polymers and various organic molecules and thus increases their stability.