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Department of physics, Faculty of sciences, Semnan University P.O.Box 35195-363, Semnan, Islamic Republic of Iran


In this research the exclusive decay of                         is calculated by QCD factorization (QCDF) method and final state interaction (FSI). First, the
 decay is calculated via QCDF method. The result that is found by using the QCDF method is less than the experimental result. So FSI is considered to solve the decay. For this decay, via the exchange of mesons are chosen for the intermediate state. The above intermediate state is calculated by using the QCDF method. In the FSI effects, the results of our calculations depend on  as the phenomenological parameter. The range of this parameter is selected from 2 to 3. It is found that if is selected, the numbers of the branching ratio are placed in the experimental range. The experimental branching ratio of decay is 4.9 and our results calculated by QCDF and FSI are 0.5  and 3.9 respectively.