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Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Basic Sciences, University of Shahed, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran


Wireless sensor networks are composed of very small devices, called sensor nodes,
for numerous applications in the environment. In adversarial environments, the security
becomes a crucial issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). There are various security
services in WSNs such as key management, authentication, and pairwise key
establishment. Due to some limitations on sensor nodes, the previous key establishment
techniques are unsuitable for WSNs. To overcome these problems, researchers propose
several key pre-distribution schemes. Our proposed approach uses a combinatorial
framework in the hypercube-based (HB) scheme to pre-distribute keys to each sensor
node. By this way, the number of common keys between two nodes in a wireless
communication range increases. Therefore, the level of security in terms of resilience
against node capture attack and the probability of re-establishing an indirect key will be


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