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2 Department of Chemistry, Payam Noor University, Abhar, Iran


In this paper, we calculate the second virial coefficient for binary mixtures of Ar with CH4 and CO in order to evaluate the performance of equations of state (EOSs). The investigated EOSs are van der Waals (vdW), Redlich-Kwong (RK), Peng-Robinson (PR), Carnahan-Starling–van der Waals (CS-vdW) and Guggenheim-van der Waals (G-vdW) based on van der Waals model. In our work, we also use Dieterici model of EOS consists of Dieterici (D) and Dieterici-Carnahan-Starling (DCS). In this study, the ability of these EOSs to predict second virial coefficients of binary mixtures is illustrated and since these models represent two different physical attitudes of contribution of interaction between molecules to thermodynamic functions, therefor from this view point, a comparison between the two models of equations of state is also reported.


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