Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Arak, Arak, Islamic Republic of Iran


The surface waves propagating in a cylindrical thin plasma layer are studied. The cylindrical plasma layer is sandwiched between two regions of different dielectric constants. The linear dispersion relation is obtained by starting from the fluid model and Maxwell’s equations. It is found that a hybridization occurred between the plasmonic oscillations and the acoustic excitation, which leads to a new surface mode in the present plasma system. Furthermore, it can be seen that the wave frequency is significantly tunable due to the optimization of the plasma parameters and the cylindrical geometry. Surface mode frequency can increase by increasing Fermi speed at low frequencies and approaching the light speed line. Using the present plasma layer model not only leads to a new coupling between the plasmonic oscillations and the acoustic excitation, but also provides a new mode that is more controllable due to the additional parameters of the model. The present results should be applicable for understanding the basic characteristics of plasma antenna, enantiomeric sensing devices and plasma-sensing based waveguides.


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