Cambrian sedimentary facies are exposed throughout north part of Kerman region. Trilobites’ faunas are the most common invertebrate fossils within the Cambrian strata. The section is made of 217 m of sandstone, shale, limestone and dolomite. In this study, 153 trilobite samples including seven species and genera were identified from the Dahu section 12 Km. east of Zarand. This trilobite’s assemblage including Redlichia sp. Redlichia neotlingi, Kermanella kuhbananensis, Kermanella lata minuta, Kermanella lata lata, Paragraulos, Kermanella sp. identified of this strata. Based on trilobite fauna the section, divided in to 2 biozone including; Redlichia neotlingi and Kermanella kuhbananensis biozones. The Redlichia neotlingi biozone indicated late Early Cambrian age while Kermanella kuhbananensis biozone suggests Middle – early Late Cambrian time interval.