Yazd University


The concept of algebraic hyperstructures introduced by Marty as a generalization of ordinary algebraic structures. In an ordinary algebraic structure, the composition of two elements is an element, while in an algebraic hyperstructure, the composition of two elements is a set. The concept of ?-semihyperrings is a generalization of semirings, a generalization of semihyper‌rings and a generalization of ?-semirings. In this paper, we introduce an equivalence relation ?* on a ?-semihyperrings R and we show that it is strongly regular. Furthermore, R/?*, the set of all equivalence classes of this relation is a ?/?*-semiring. The relation ?* is called the fundamental relation and the ?-semiring R/?* is called the fundamental semiring. Fundamental relations are the main tools in the study of ?-semihyperrings. We present some results about fundamental relations and fundamental semirings. Finally, we show that there is a covariant functor between the category of ?-semihyperrings and the category of semirings.