Faculty of Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences


Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2D) is the most common metabolic disease demonstrating itself by hyper- glycemia, due to impaired insulin secretion or action. Recently, Whole-Genome Association studies have revealed the role of several new genes responsible for T2D. One of the most studied genes is SLC30A8 (Zn-T8) which is exclusively expressed in pancreatic ?-cells and participates in insulin storage and transfer. A number of previous studies support the role of R325W (rs13266634) variant of this gene in T2D risk. The present study was designed to determine the possible association of rs13266634 polymorphism of SLC30A8 gene with T2D in the population of Eastern Azerbaijan province. We genotyped the rs13266634 polymorphism in Azeri samples, using 250 samples prepared from T2D case and control individuals in equal numbers. Genotyping were performed using Polymerase Chain Reaction and Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism assay (PCR-RFLP). No significant association was detected between rs13266634 variant of SLC30A8 gene and T2D in our study population (p>0.05). Moreover, none of the metabolic and anthropometric parameters had significant differences for RW (heterozygote mutant) and RR (homozygote mutant) genotypes in case and control groups (p>0.05). Significant differences was observed in fasting blood sugar (FBS), glucose tolerance test (GTT), age, education and economic status between case and control groups (p<0.05), while the differences in BMI and gender between the two study groups were non-significant.