Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Shigella species (spp.) are gram-negative bacteria that are responsible for shigellosis. Although it can be controlled via antibiotics, increasing number of antibiotic resistant isolates of Shigella have been reported. Therefore, other strategies such as production of specific vaccine against this organism could be a suitable therapeutic approach. Attenuated live vaccines produced by gene deletion are advised candidates of vaccine against shigella. The ipaD gene is responsible for Shigella invasion which act as a chaperone for some other invasion proteins such as IpaB and IpaC. We used ?-red recombination system to delete the ipaD gene in shigella that end to production of a live attenuated form of Shigella dysenteriae. This strain has a high prevalence in Iran that make it suitable target for vaccine production. Our results showed that live attenuated ?ipaD Shigella was produced via ?-red recombination system. We suggest that application of ?-red recombination could be a simple and useful technique for production of live attenuated ?ipaD Shigella as a candidate of vaccine against shigellosis