In this study, the fluorogenic efficiency of fluorescamine for spectrofluorimetric
analysis of primary amines was investigated. Different mixtures of dichloromethane
and other organic solvents were used for evaluation of fluorescence stability and
intensity of fluorescamine derivative (Pyrrolinone). Solvents such as acetonitrile
(ACN), tetrahydrofuran (THF) and dioxane increase stability and intensity of
fluorescence, whereas methanol, acetic acid and dimethyl sulfoxide have a decreasing
effect. Calibration graph equations in optimum solvent system were obtained for
spectrofluorimetric determination of norepinephrine as a model compound in the
range of 0.1 - 1 .O ppm in 10 minute intervals. Results obtained show a good correlation coefficient and excellent reproducibility (RSD% = 0.82, C = 0.5 ppm, n = 6). Using the first set of solvents, reproducibility of spectrofluorimetry is excellent (RSD% = 0.82).