A phenetic analysis is presented using SAHN clustering (UPGMA, simple
matching coefficient). The resulting phenetic analysis is compared with the
classification of Oxytropis as suggested by Bunge [2] and Vassilczenko [ll]. The
results partly correspond with Bungean classification and suggest that there are
basically four sections (Mesogaea, Oxytropis, Janthina, Eumorphu) which can be
grouped under two subgenera, namely Oxytropis and Euoxytropis. The subgenus
Oxyfropis including section Mesogaea and the subgenus Euoxytropis including
sections Oxytropis, Janthina and Ortholema are upheld by this analysis. It is
concluded that section Ortholema should be united with section Eumorphu or 0.
masanderanensis, 0. Kuchunensis and 0. suavis moved to section Eumorpha. The
results of cluster analyses were compared with the classification obtained by
conventional methods and the relations among the taxa have been discussed