The Glauciumpaucilobum Freyn population of the Golestan forest contained three
major alkaloids; protopine (0.5%), ?-allocryptopine (0.2%), corydine (0.1 %), and six
minor alkaloids; N-rnethyllind carpine (0.006), bulboca 'nine (0.04%), 4-hydroxy
bulbocapnine (0.001%), Ismorycline (0.04%), arosine (0%02%) and corydine-?-Noxide (0.003%). N-methyllindcrapine, 4-hydroxybulbocapnine and corydine-?-Noxide were detected for the first time in Glaucium paucilobum Freyn. The
stereochemistry at the N-oxide center wasdetermined by was difference measurehent