We have studied functional alteration of immunocytes in mice following
inoculation of Toxocara canis second stage larvae. Results indicated depression
of lymphocyte blastogenesis in response to concanavalin-A,
phytohemagglutinin and allogeneic non B-cells; however, B-cell polyclonal
activation was not affected as indicated by the production of total IgG.
In contrast, frequency of antibody secreting cells was reduced. Similarly,
interleukin-1 and interleukin-2 production were not affected by Toxocara
canis infection. Furthermore, spleen cells of infected mice synthesized
more prostaglandin E than uninfected animals. This data suggests that
Toxocara canis infection induces suppression of both cell mediated and
humoral immunity; perhaps due to an increase of prostoglandin E2 production.