Among different doses of gamma rays, 1.5 kR induced 71.84% callus in Basrnati
rice in amodified MS medium and 2% redifferentiation under anon-saline environment,
20% callusing response with 7.5%,2.8% and 2.5% redifferentiation was induced by
2.0 kR at electrical conductivity (EC) of 4,s and 6 dS.m of NaCl respectively, in
regeneration medium. A non-irradiated non-saline environment revealed a
redifferentiation percentage of 48.28% with a regeneration percentage of 6.9%, in
addition to one albino plant, while a non-irradiated saline environment indicated 4%
regeneration at 4 dS.m-I EC of NaCl. The results based on these studies are discussed