Thirteen species of Streptomycetes, Arthrobacters and Mycobacterium were
studied for the determination of a potential cholesterol oxidase producer. Only
Streptomyces fradiae and Streptomyces rishiriences were found to be capable of
producing this enzyme. Streptomyces fradiae was selected for the production of
cholesterol oxidase and cultured in different media to find optimum media and
conditions for enzyme production. The optimum media was found (g/Lit): glucose, 12;
starch, 9; yeast extract, 6 ;peptone, 4; (NH ) SO ,7.5; Tween 80,0.5 with cholesterol,
2 as an enzyme inducer. 3 4 ?C w as the optlmum temperature for the production of
cholesterol oxidase