The effects of aluminium and aluminium-citrate on some serum parameters
related to carbohydrate metabolism in male Wistar rats were investigated. Daily
intraperitoneal administrations of 1 mg/kg body weight of aluminium or aluminiumcitrate
(1: 1) for 50 days led to the elevation of serum insulin by 24 or 40 percent
respectively, with the concomitant decrease in serum glucose concentrations by 17
and 14 percent. Serum insulin levels showed reduction by 36 and 29 percent
following daily treatments of animals with 2 mg/kg aluminium or aluminium-citrate
(1: 1). Serum glucose concentration elevated by 14 and 16 percent. Daily injections
of 2mgkg aluminium without citrate led to the reduction of liver glycogen by 60
percent, whereas if aluminium (2mg/kg) is injected in complex with citric acid this
effect is reversed. The effect of aluminium toxicity and the importance of citrate in
this aspect is discussed