Haloalkyl purines i.e. 2,6-diamino-8-(chloromethyl) purine 10; 2, 6-diamino-X-
(chloromethyl) purine 17; 2,6-diamino-8-(chloropropylp) urine 18; were synthesized
by two distinct but facile methods. The N-alkylating potential of 2, 6-diamino-8-
(chloromethyl) purine was investigated. The following products 2,6-diamino-8-(Nbenzyl-
N-methyl) purine 11; 2,6-diamino-8-(4-nitro anilinomethyl) purine 13; 2,6-
diarnino-8-(piperidino-N-methyl)Purine 14; 2,6-diamino-8-(3,4,5-trimethoxyanilinomethyl)
purine 12; of N-alkylation are reported. Antifolate activities obtained for
these compounds are also reported. 2,6-diamino-8-(3,4,5-trimethoxyanilinom ethyl)
purine demonstrated significant biological activity (ID = 1 x10 ). Most antifols
are also antimalarials e.g. trimethoprim and pyrimethamine, and therefore these 8-haloalkyl
purines may be effective antimalarials if modified by appropriate reagents