Plants of Hashilan, a 260 ha freshwater wetland, located at 35 km northwest of Kermanshah, the provincial capital of Kermanshah Province, western Iran, were studied. Altogether, 116 species of plants (77 terrestrial and 39 aquatic) representing 96 genera and 42 families were identified. Asteraceae with 11 genera and 13 species, Poaceae 9 genera and 10 species, and Cyperaceae with 6 genera and 9 species were the most common plants. Aquatic plants had more biomass and distribution compared to terrestrial plants which were restricted to the islands. Among them Carex spp. were found from the edge of the wetland to areas with 40 cm depth. Distribution of all major plant species were recorded and mapped. Names of aquatic and terrestrial plant species are given in appendices 1 and 2, respectively.