Document Type : Original Paper


1 Department of physics, Sacred heart College, Tirupattur - 635601, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India

2 Department of Chemistry, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur, India

3 Department of Physics, Government Thirumagal Mills College, Gudiyattam- 632 602, Tamil Nadu, India

4 Department of Physics, Sacred Heart College Tirupattur - 635601, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India


Aqueous solutions of mono, di, and triprotic acids were prepared with different molar percentages (say 10%, 20% and 30%). ammonium dihydrogen phosphate is gradually introduced in the aqueous solutions at different concentrations varied from 0.1M to 0.6M at 303K. Densities, viscosities, and velocity of sound of aqueous solutions are measured and they are used to evaluate the other parameters like adiabatic compressibility (β), free length (Lf), internal pressure (πi), apparent molar volume (φV), apparent molar compressibility (φK) and relative Association (RA) of the solution. Experimental results are analyzed based on molecular associations like hydrogen bonding and dipole-dipole interactions between the component molecules, which revealed that the variation of the parameters with the different molar concentrations of both ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and the acids.


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