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1 Physics Department/ College of Science /University of Mosul

2 Biophysics Department/ College of Science /University of Mosul

3 Mosul university, College of Science


In this search we found the effect of and 0.4 mGy / h gamma rays as radiation doses for 55 days at h /7 day irradiation in certain physiological cases as the sex ratio of adult rats. Major reductions in the total number of offspring were observed (p ˂0.05). female and male sex ratio when exposed to 0.06-0.4 mGy / h doses when compared to control group. Another argument, the effects of gamma radiation with the above dose levels and with the same mating showed substantial increases (p ˂0.05) in the number of female offspring and their sexual ratio. This rise is directly proportional to the increase in doses. This paper also revealed major differences in the sex ratio of male and female rats. The ratio of female offspring to gamma radiation was greater than the ratio of male offspring to control .The exposure of any source with frequency greater than GHz. and wave length in (10-10 meters) must therefore be avoided during gestations.