Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran


Cancer has been become threatening the health and life of humans. Therefore, attempt to discovery more effective anticancer agents continue. Thiadiazole derivatives have been shown remarkable effects among chemotherapeutic agents. In this study, hybrid molecules containing thiadiazole amide derivatives -aromatic amines (anthranilic acid and 2, 5 dichloro aniline) were synthesized in multi-step reactions including N-amidation  and S-alkylation of thiadiazole. Synthesized compounds were assayed by MTT test against three cell lines. Molecular docking was performed on Src tyrosine kinases. Compounds 5a, 5b and 8 rendered remarkable cytotoxic properties on HeLa with IC50 60 µM. Compound 5b showed significant cytotoxic effect on both cancer cell lines compared to other tested derivatives. Compound 5a with ΔG = -8.05kcal/mol was the best compound among  docked compounds.The results revealed that the quiddity of the amide  substitution  has a definitive role in the cytotoxic activity.


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