In this research we work with the effective Hamiltonian and the quark model. We investigate the decay rates of matter-antimatter of quark. We describe the effective Hamiltonian theory and apply this theory to the calculation of current-current ( ), QCD penguin ( ), magnetic dipole ( ) and electroweak penguin ( ) decay rates. The gluonic penguin structure of hadronic decays is studied through the Wilson coefficients of the effective Hamiltonian. We calculate the branching ratios of the tree-level, effective Hamiltonian, effective Hamiltonian including electroweak Penguin, effective Hamiltonian including Magnetic Dipole and the effective Hamiltonian including electroweak Penguin and Magnetic Dipole quark decays , , , . We show that, the electroweak Penguin and Magnetic Dipole contributions in b quark decays are small and Current-Current operators are dominant.