Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Physics, Faculty of Sicences, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran


We calculate the stopping power for heavy-ion diclusters moving in a strongly coupled two-dimensional electron gas system by using the local field corrected dielectric function at finite temperature. We obtain a parameterized local field correction factor based on a relation between the thermal compressibility and exchange-correlation energy in two-dimension. The interpolated parameter is derived from the Monte-Carlo data for the exchange-correlation energy of a two-dimensional electron gas system. We compare our results with those of previous calculations which used a local field factor that satisfied the compressibility sum rule in three-dimension. In general, the stopping power increases by taking into account the short-range interactions. In addition, it is found that the dicluster stopping power (in particular the uncorrelated part) obtained from our calculations is smaller than the previous work.