Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran


The linear adiabatic pulsation-periods of Mira variable stars have been derived. Approximately 2701[1]models were calculated for M = 0.7 MΘ to 2 MΘ stars with radii from 180 RΘ to 340 RΘ and luminosities from 2800 LΘ to 10,000 LΘ. The chemical composition of all models is (X,Z) = (0.7,0.02). From the result of this study, linear relations on Luminosity-Period-Mass relationship and luminosity-period-radius-mass relationship have been derived for the fundamental mode. The relation has been tested on a recent data set of Mira stars in the LMC.

1 Models of various computational input are available through the author.