Document Type : Original Paper


Plasma and Nuclear Fusion Research School, Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute


The plasma wave acceleration of electron in the bubble regime is investigated in a new configuration containing a planar wiggler. The space-charge field of the laser-created ion channel can focuse and stabilize the electron trajectory to guide it toward the acceleration region. The high-gradient plasma wave field can resonantly accelerate the trapped electron to higher energies in the presence of a planar wiggler compensating the electron dephasing. The results show that in the lower plasma wave amplitudes the planar wiggler plays a more significant role on the electron energy enhancement. The increment of the electron energy in this configuration isvalidated using a three-dimension single-particle code. The energy gain of electrondependency on the planar wiggler, ion channel field, plasma wave angle and amplitude as well as the initial energy of electron has been investigated. The results of paper will be of importance in the optimization of electron energy and improving the quality of the accelerated electrons in the plasma wakefield accelerators.