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1. Balanced Chromosomal Translocations of Parents in Relation to Spontaneous Abortions
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  The most significant complication of pregnancy is recurrent miscarriage. Numerous factors have been described as associations with recurrent wastage such as: uterine abnormalities, immunological factors, endocrinologic imbalance and chromosomal defects. Cytogenetic evaluation of couples with recurrent ...  Read More

2. The Mutation of the rpoS Gene, the Central Regulator of Stationary Phase, Affects the Cell Division in Flexibacter chinensis
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  A one kb portion of the rpoS gene from Flexibacter chinensis was isolated by PCR, sequenced and compared to the rpoS gene of a variety of other organisms. The gene was found to be 98% similar to previously sequenced genes. Mutation of the rpoS gene with tri-parental mating produced strain JR101 and the ...  Read More

3. Breeding for Salt-Resistance Using Transgressive Segregation in Spring Wheat
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  Hybrid populations (F3) derived from cross between four moderate salt-resistant spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) were assessed for transgressive segregation of salt-tolerant genotypes allowing germination and emergence at 350 mM NaCl for 30 days. The achieved Selection intensity was the order of 0.24-0.27 ...  Read More

5. The Effects of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (rHuEPO) on Antihuman Lymphocyte Antibodies Titer in Sensitized Rats
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  Erythropoietin (EPO) was first known as a factor for red blood cell proliferation and differentiation. Recent studies show the effects of EPO on immune system. In this study the antihuman leukocyte antibody (anti-HLA) titer were determined in five groups of rats, which had been sensitized with human ...  Read More

6. A New Enzymatic Method for Rapid Diagnosis of Phenylketonuria Using Alkaliphilic Bacillus
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  Rapid and in time diagnosis of phenylketonuria (PKU) in affected infants can help preventing the progress of mental and developmental disorders associated with the disease. Here we report the isolation of alkaliphilic Bacillus bacteria capable of producing high level of Phenylalanine dehydrogenase (PheDH) ...  Read More

8. Wavelets for Nonparametric Stochastic Regression with Pairwise Negative Quadrant Dependent Random Variables
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  We propose a wavelet based stochastic regression function estimator for the estimation of the regression function for a sequence of pairwise negative quadrant dependent random variables with a common one-dimensional probability density function. Some asymptotic properties of the proposed estimator are ...  Read More

9. Strong Laws for Weighted Sums of Negative Dependent Random Variables
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  In this paper, we discuss strong laws for weighted sums of pairwise negatively dependent random variables. The results on i.i.d case of Soo Hak Sung [9] are generalized and extended.  Read More

10. Admissible Estimators of ?r in the Gamma Distribution with Truncated Parameter Space
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  In this paper, we consider admissible estimation of the parameter ?r in the gamma distribution with truncated parameter space under entropy loss function. We obtain the classes of admissible estimators. The result can be applied to estimation of parameters in the normal, lognormal, pareto, generalized ...  Read More

11. Time-Dependent Real-Space Renormalization Group Method
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  In this paper, using the tight-binding model, we extend the real-space renormalization group method to time-dependent Hamiltonians. We drive the time-dependent recursion relations for the renormalized tight-binding Hamiltonian by decimating selective sites of lattice iteratively. The formalism is then ...  Read More

12. Solar Latitudinal Distribution of Solar Flares around the Sun and Their Association with Forbush Decreases during the Period of 1986 to 2003
Volume 16, Issue 3 , Summer 2005

  Solar flare events of high importance were utilised to study solar latitudinal frequency distribution of the solar flares in northern and southern hemisphere for the solar cycle 22 to recent solar cycle 23. A statistical analysis was performed to obtain their relationship with sudden storm commencement ...  Read More