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1. Over Expression of Biologically Active Interferon Beta Using Synthetic Gene in E. coli
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  In this study, our previously reported novel synthetic gene encoding 166 residues of interferon-? was used for an efficient expression of IFN-?. The synthetic gene was cloned into pET21a expression vector and transferred into E. coli. Recombinant protein was over-expressed in the E. coli. Identity of ...  Read More

2. Analysis of Exon 19 and 39 of ATM Gene in Brain Tumors; Considering the P53 Accumulation
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  Many studies have been focused on cytogenetic and molecular genetic defects in brain tumors; therefore the role of ATM as a tumor suppressor gene in these tumors is poorly considered. In this study mutation analysis of exon 19 and 39 of ATM gene and P53 accumulation were investigated by PCR-SSCP, sequencing, ...  Read More

3. Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel Isatin Derivatives for Antimicrobial Activity
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  In the present work, a series of new 5-substituted-3-(4-arylimino)-1-[5-mercapto(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)]-methyl-indol-2-one (4a-g) have been synthesized by heterocyclization of 5-substituted-3-(4-arylimino)-2-oxo-1-indole acetylhyrazide (3a-g) on treatment with CS2 in ethanolic KOH. The compound 4a was characterized ...  Read More

4. Post-Collisional Plio-Pleistocene Adakitic Volcanism in Centeral Iranian Volcanic Belt:Geochemical
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  In the Central IranianVolcanic Belt (CIVB), north-west of Shahre-Babak, in the area of Javazm, Dehaj and khabr, about 60 subvolcanic porphyritic dacitic to rhyodacitic domes (1-10 km2) are intruded into a variety of rock sequences from Mesozoic to Early Miocene in age. These rocks are a part of Dehaj-Sardoieh ...  Read More

5. Garnet-Biotite Chemistry for Thermometry of Staurolite Schist from South of Mashhad, NE Iran
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  Mashhad Metamorphic Complex (MMC) with metamorphic, granitic intrusions and ophiolite units is situated in the suture zone of Paleotethys in NE Iran. Triassic staurolite-garnet schist of Khalaj represents the highest grade of metamorphism in MMC. In this study EPMA analyses of garnet and biotite used ...  Read More

7. Laws of Large Numbers for Random Linear
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  The computational solution of large scale linear programming problems contains various difficulties. One of the difficulties is to ensure numerical stability. There is another difficulty of a different nature, namely the original data, contains errors as well. In this paper, we show that the effect of ...  Read More

8. A Note on Artinianess of Certain Generalized
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  Let ?: R0?R be a ring homomorphism and suppose that a and a0, respectively, are ideals of R and R0 such that is an Artinian ring. Let M and N be two finitely generated R-modules and suppose that (R0,m0) is a local ring. In this note we prove that the R-modules and are Artinian for all integers ...  Read More

9. CFD-Calculation of Fluid Flow in a
Volume 19, Issue 3 , Summer 2008

  An accurate description of the fluid flow and heat transfer within a Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), for the safety analysis and reactor performance is always desirable. In this paper a mathematical model of the fundamental physical phenomena which are associated to a typical PWR is presented. The mathematical ...  Read More