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1. Biophysical Studies on the Interaction of Insulin with a Cationic Gemini Surfactant

P.S. Pourhosseini; M. Pirhaghghi; A.A. Saboury; F. Najafi; H. Ghourchian

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 105-115

  A novel quaternary ammonium-based cationic gemini surfactant (S6) having 1,6 di-bromo hexane as a spacer, have been used and its interaction with insulin in aqueous solution (pH, 7.40) was investigated by several methods including fluorescence spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectroscopy, circular dichroism, dynamic ...  Read More

2. Ultrasound Assisted One-pot Synthesis of Dihydropyrimidinones Using Holmium Chloride As Catalyst

S. Kakaei; H. Sid Kalal; H. Hoveidi

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 117-123

  A simple and green chemical procedure was reported for the synthesis of dihydropyrimidinones from various aldehydes, ethyl acetoacetate and urea or thiourea using  holmium chloride as catalyst. The reactions were performed under solvent free conditions with ultrasound irradiation as the energy source. ...  Read More

3. A New Heterogeneous Nanocatalyst for Sulfoxidation of Sulfids to Corresponding Adrafinil Analogous: Synthesis, Properties and Applications of VO3-/NH3+-SiO2/Fe3O4

M.J. Taghizadeh; A. Javidan; O. Hosseinchi

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 125-130

  A new magnetic nanocatalyst has been prepared using immobilization of vanadate onto aminopropyl functionalized SiO2/Fe3O4(VO3-/NH3+-SiO2/Fe3O4). The obtained magnetic catalyst was characterized by FT-IR, XRD, VSM and SEM techniques and used for sulfoxidation of sulfide compounds to the correspondingsulfoxides ...  Read More

4. Lutetian Schizaster Fauna (Echinoidea, Spatangoida) from Sargaz Area, South of Kerman, Iran

Y. Ghasemi Pour Afshar; M-R. Vaziri; M. Dastanpour; A. Lotfabad Arab

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 131-138

  The spatangoid genus Schizaster Agassiz is recorded, for the first time, from the Lutetian (Middle Eocene) deposits of Sargaz area, south of Kerman, Iran. The Lutetian sediments of Sargaz region contain a rich and divers echinoid fauna represented by Cidaridae, Conoclypeidae, Echinolampadidae, Toxopneustidae, ...  Read More

5. High-Pressure Marbles from the Nahavand Area in the Sanandaj-Sirjan Metamorphic Belt, Iran

J. Izadyar; N. Skandari

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 139-151

  Marbles containing high-pressure mineral assemblage was found from the Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic belt in the Nahavand area in western Iran.  The high-pressure marbles occur as small bodies or lenses within pelitic schist layers and show compositional banding of carbonate- and silicate- rich bands.  ...  Read More

6. Constraining the Water Activity during Peak Metamorphism in a Thermal Aureole; a Mineral Equilibria Approach

M. Moazzen

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 151-163

  In order to assess the presence or absence of fluids under peak metamorphic conditions within the inner aureole of the Etive igneous complex in west Scotland, eight suitable metabasic hornfels samples and one suitable pelitic hornfels were used to calculate water activities using a mineral equilibria. ...  Read More

7. Edge Detection with Hessian Matrix Property Based on Wavelet Transform

N. Aghazadeh; Y. Gholizade Atani

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 163-170

  In this paper, we present an edge detection method based on wavelet transform and Hessian matrix of image at each pixel. Many methods which based on wavelet transform, use wavelet transform to approximate the gradient of image and detect edges by searching the modulus maximum of gradient vectors. In ...  Read More

8. A Characterization of the Small Suzuki Groups by the Number of the Same Element Order

H. Parvizi Mosaed; A. Iranmanesh; A. Tehranian

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 171-177

  Suppose that  is a finite group. Then the set of all prime divisors of  is denoted by  and the set of element orders of  is denoted by . Suppose that . Then the number of elements of order  in  is denoted by  and the sizes of the set of elements with the same order ...  Read More

9. A Generalization of M-Small Modules

B. Talaee

Volume 26, Issue 2 , Spring 2015, Pages 179-185

  In this paper we introduce a generalization of M-small modules and discuss about the torsion theory cogenerated by this kind of modules in category . We will use the structure of the radical of a module in  and get some suitable results about this class of modules. Also the relation between injective ...  Read More