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1. Evaluation of PALB2 Gene Expression in Breast Cancer

Seyed Atin Amirhamzeh; Kasra Esfahani; Iman Salahshourifar; Elham Moslemi

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 5-11


  Breast cancer is the most prevalent malignancy and the second in mortality rate cancers among all cancers in women globally. In Iran it adds up to 16 percent of all cancers and is the most prevalent cancer in Iranian women. PALB2, identified as a partner and localizer of BRCA2 and proposed to have some ...  Read More

2. Oxidative Desulfurization of Sour Gas Condensate and Optimization of Parameters with Response Surface Methodology

mehdi alibolandi; maryam ghaedian; Amin Shafeghat; Sayed Javid Royaee; Jafar Tofighi Darian

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 13-23


  Reducing environmental pollution via elimination of sulfur compounds from gas condensate was the aim of this research. Whereby oxidative desulfurization from gas condensate with 3200 ppm initial sulfur was accomplished by hydrogen peroxide (30%wt) as oxidant and formic acid as catalyst. The sulfones ...  Read More

3. Normal Heptane Reforming of Promoted Platinum Composite Catalysts: Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Performance

Mohammad Hasan Peyrovi; Nastaran Parsafard; Amir Sajedi

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 25-31


  Pt/Zr(x)-HMS/HZSM-5 catalysts with different ratios of Silicium/Zirconium (denoted as x) were studied for normal heptane reforming at 350-450 °C temperature range. For this purpose, the properties of the catalysts such as X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, ...  Read More

4. New Dinuclear Methoxo-Bridged Manganese(III) complex: Synthesis, Characterization and Usage as New Precursor for Synthesis of Mn2O3 Particles

Aliakbar Dehno Khalaji; Maryam Ghorbani; Norrolah Feizi; Alireza Akbari; Michal Dusek; Vaclav Eigner

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 33-38


  New dinuclear methoxo-bridged manganese(III) complex [Mn2((MeO-bph)en)2Cl2(m-CH3O)2] (1) was synthesized by template reaction of 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone, 1,2-ethanediamine and MnCl2×6H2O with molar ration (1:1:1) in methanol as solvent. The title compound 1 was characterized by elemental ...  Read More

5. Synthesis of Fe-doped CeO2 Nanoparticles Prepared by Solgel Method

majid farahmandjou; mahkameh dastpak

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 39-43


  Nanomaterials have achieved remarkable technological advances in bulk materials due to their excellent physical, chemical and biological properties. cerium oxide (CeO2) nanostructured doped with Fe ions is attractive due to improvement in redox properties, transport property and surface-to-volume ratio. ...  Read More

6. Isolation and Structural Characterization of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Salts with Synthetic Non Cyclic Ionophores

Poonam Hariyani; Rekha Vijay; Loni Lokwani; Uma Sharma

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 45-49


  In the present study, an investigation on the complex formation between mono- and divalent metal ions (Na+, K+, Li+ and Mg2+) in the form of salt with different podands using various solvents has been carried out.  Isolated complexes were characterized by different spectroscopic techniques viz. ...  Read More

7. The Effect of Silica Coating on the Drug Release Profile and Biocompatibility of Nano-MOF-5

Khalil Tabatabaeian; Masoomeh Simayee; Abdollah Fallah Shojaie; Farhad Mashayekhi; Mahvash Hadavi

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 51-62


  The purpose of this study was the surface modification of nano MOF-5 (NMOF-5) or IRMOF-1 (Zn4O(C8H4O4)3) in order to prevent its rapid degradation in the phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), along with the simultaneous increase in its biocompatibility. The NMOF-5 sample was synthesized under the ultrasound ...  Read More

8. Punctuationlism and Gradualistic Evolutionary Trends of Eight Phylogenetic Lineages of Maastrichtian to Eocene and Recent Benthic Foraminifera from the Tethys

Haidar Salim Anan

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 63-73


  Minor differences in the morphology of the test, wall structure, arrangement of chambers and apertures, size are recognized as being of decisive specific or subspecific value. Twenty four phylogenetic lineages were produced by puncuated equilibrium and gradualistic evolutionary trends which observed ...  Read More

9. Direct Limit of Krasner (m, n)-Hyperrings

Reza Ameri; Ameneh Asadi

Volume 31, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, Pages 75-83


  The purpose of this paper is the study of direct limits in category of Krasner (m, n)-hyperrings. In this regards we introduce and study direct limit of a direct system in category (m, n)-hyperrings. Also, we consider fundamental relation , as the smallest equivalence relation on an (m, n)-hyperring ...  Read More